(1)  Elements of both the Dane County District Attorney’s Office and Dane County law enforcement have been and continue to be involved in serious corruption and misconduct, which includes criminal conduct.

(2)  The corruption extends beyond what may be deemed ordinary misconduct, to include:  a) fraudulent prosecutions that appear to be done as favors – so that well-connected interests can profit in the civil realm;  and b) protection of very dangerous criminals, even to the extent of framing others for their crimes, with this corruption even touching upon homicides.

(3)  The Dane County courts and the Wisconsin Supreme Court, rather than acting responsibly, have committed themselves to covering up what has taken place, even to the point of engaging in serious corruption and misconduct themselves.

(4)  With very, very little exception, the media has turned a blind eye to this serious corruption.  Beyond this, the Wisconsin State Journal has frequently misled the public by the omission of critical facts and the utilization of pseudo-facts.

Two other propositions strongly inferred by the evidence are:

(1)  Local and statewide elected officials appear to be paralyzed and incapable of coming to terms with how the serious corruption threatens justice, the public safety, and the very essence of democracy in Wisconsin.

(2)  The legal profession has been hopelessly compromised.  The reality of practicing in the criminal courts of Wisconsin, especially Dane County, make it extremely difficult for an attorney to be committed to justice and the constitution.  The reality nudges attorneys into being more concerned about feeding abundantly off the system than acting responsibly.

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