The purpose of this section is to establish that:

1. Court-related corruption has taken place in Wisconsin.

2. A Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice has purportedly claimed that court-related corruption exists in Dane County.

3. The Wisconsin State Journal and other media outlets have shown little or no interest in why this Supreme Court Justice holds his opinion.

4. The Wisconsin State Journal will withhold critical facts from the public on matters of court-related corruption and the abuse of power.  Likewise, the Wisconsin State Journal will print pseudo-facts that mislead the public on matters of corruption.

5. A public official who provided falsified facts on alleged corruption to the Wisconsin State Journal, shortly thereafter had his career significantly advanced, and obtained support for this advancement from powerful bipartisan insiders.

6. The Wisconsin State Journal’s repeated and purported concern about conflicts of interest related to Wisconsin Supreme Court Justices has gone hand-in-hand with the Wisconsin State Journal withholding from the public the existence of a conflict of interest involving a Supreme Court Justice that is far more egregious and scandalous than anything covered by the Wisconsin State Journal.

7. The Wisconsin State Journal turned a blind eye to one of the most prominent insider attorney’s attempt to utilize the Supreme Court’s in-house law firm (OLR) to subvert democracy in Wisconsin.

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