A Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Claims That Dane County Police and Courts are Corrupt

Attachment #1 is a copy of page 59 of the Capitol Police’s report on the Justice Prosser/ Justice Bradley incident known as “Chokegate.”  If one goes to the second paragraph from the end, one will see that Justice Crooks asserted to police that he had witnessed Justice Prosser saying that Dane County police and judges are corrupt.  Justice Crooks also claimed he had no idea why Justice Prosser would say this.

As set out later in this document, Justice Crook’s claim that he has no idea why Justice Prosser would make his assertion is disingenuous.  For present sake, it cannot be disputed that at least one Supreme Court justice says that another Supreme Court justice claims that the Dane County police and courts are corrupt.

Can anyone dispute that a Supreme Court Justice holding such an opinion should be a matter of serious public concern?  However, very few citizens in Wisconsin are even aware of the above.  Why?  Because both the talk and print media in Wisconsin have given it the slightest attention.  Why would this be?

This document will go a long way in providing the answer.

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