Judge Roger Allen

Roger Allen was appointed a Dane County judge by Gov. Scott Walker.  As known to all, Gov. Walker is considered the most partisan of Republicans and maybe the Republican most hated by Democrats in the history of Wisconsin.  Why did Gov. Walker appoint Roger Allen as judge?  There may have been a limited amount of choices available to Gov. Walker.  Regardless, the choice of Allen was pleasing to powerful members of the Dane County Democratic power circle.

Judge Allen, appointed last December, was up for re-election on Tuesday, April 3.  He lost to his opponent, longtime State Public Defender Ellen Berz.  And while she had amassed considerable Democratic support, riding an anti-Walker wave; Allen surprisingly amassed Democratic supporters from the very core of the local Democratic power circle.  This included current Madison Mayor Paul Soglin, ex-Mayor Dave Cieslewicz, and ex-Mayor Sue Bauman.  Cieslewicz even wrote a letter on Allen’s behalf to the Wisconsin State Journal that was printed on March 31, 2012.

In addition to the above, Allen had a whole slew of other liberal supporters, including Democratic ex-DA Brian Blanchard, and a number of past and current staff of the Dane County DA’s Office.  Probably the most remarkable of Allen’s endorsements was The Capital Times — meaning that maybe Governor Walker’s most bitter enemy united with him when it came to Roger Allen.

An obvious question is, did these supporters know about Allen’s quote on Detective Markham?  There are very good reasons to say, ‘yes.’  In fact, that may go a long way in explaining the support Allen amassed.  He had proven himself willing to do what it takes to protect the interests of the power circle.

It is puzzling to why Allen’s opponent never brought up Allen’s apparent falsified quote.  However, when one factors in that she is a State Public Defender, this fact will go a long way in explaining the paradox, in light of this document and the substantiating attachments.

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