Justice David Prosser and Dee Hall

Dee Hall is undoubtedly the most well-known reporter employed by the Wisconsin State Journal.  She has been their primary investigative reporter, and she has covered in particular the Wisconsin Supreme Court and a number of high-profile legal cases.  She is probably foremost known for purportedly being responsible for the breaking of the legislative caucus scandal of 2001.

Attachment #2 is Dee Hall’s Wisconsin State Journal article of March 20, 2012 relating to her interview of Justice Prosser.  Nothing in the article indicates that Dee Hall ever broached with Justice Prosser why he believes that the Dane County police and courts are corrupt.  How can it be possible that this was not a topic of discussion?  Dee Hall’s probable answer is indicated by her attached email of March 26, 2012. (Attachment #3)

Dee Hall claimed in her email that, “I am not aware of Justice Crooks saying that Justice Prosser claims the Dane County police and judges are corrupt.”

Given Dee Hall’s professional status and the Wisconsin State Journal holding her out as someone who closely covers the Wisconsin Supreme Court, is it plausible that she would not be aware that a controversial Supreme Court Justice has asserted that the Dane County police and courts are corrupt?  If her assertion is the truth, the reality is  equally disturbing.  What does it say about the media and political culture of Wisconsin?  Can it be true that Wisconsin State Journal has no interest in finding out what is behind a most serious accusation leveled by a Supreme Court Justice?  How can that be?  Hopefully this document will provide perspective.

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