The Allegations Related to Detective Markham

Few things can threaten a community more than corrupt law enforcement.  Alleged corrupt detectives on the take; tipping off investigations; engaging in serious criminal conduct while working on the most serious cases presents a scenario that would terrify the public if it only knew.  However, in Dane County, the Wisconsin State Journal has not informed the public.

Madison Detective Denise Markham has a controversial history and has been involved in some of the most serious criminal investigations that have occurred in Dane County.  She was suspended with pay; and later she resigned, while still being paid for a considerable period.  What were the allegations behind this?

Attachment #4 is the final page of the Madison Police investigation of Detective Markham.  The report was dated June 3, 2009, and one can see that there were seven allegations related to Wisconsin Statue §§946.12(2) or (3).  All of these are criminal class-I felonies!!!  While the report exonerated Detective Markham on five and concluded not sustained on two, it cannot be disputed that criminal allegations were involved.

If one reviews the report, one will see that the investigation into Detective Markham appears to be of a very minimalistic nature.  Attachment #5 is pages relating to some of the allegations against her.  She was accused of being a “dirty cop”, even by fellow officers.  There were allegations that she undermined and/or tipped-off investigations.  There were incredible allegations of her entering one individual’s home and helping herself to $4000; and entering another home and helping herself to $600.

What the Wisconsin State Journal informed the public about Det. Markham follows in the next piece.

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