The Timing of the Wisconsin Supreme Court’s Decision

The timing of the Wisconsin Supreme Court’s decision of March 30, 2012 on the Raisbeck matter was not accidental.  The Dane County District Attorney’s Office is dangerously vulnerable to being exposed for protecting the leadership of a dangerous criminal clique.  This clique has committed up to 40-50 armed robberies in the Madison area, and has definitively been involved in multiple homicides.

The Dane County DA’s Office desperately needed Atty. Sommers to be stopped.  As outlined in Section IV, an evidentiary hearing took place on March 26, 2012, where the culmination of Madison Police and the Dane County DA’s Office’s actions led to explosive and disturbing testimony.  Due to Atty. Sommers being suspended by the Wisconsin Supreme Court, there will in all probability be no follow-up by anyone to what took place.

The Wisconsin State Journal and other media outlets have yet to inform the public to what was conceded under oath.  And therefore, the public has yet to be made aware of the powerful evidence suggesting that public safety is being seriously compromised due to corruption.

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