The Wisconsin State Journal and Detective Markham

The Madison Police report on Det. Markham has been circulating among defense attorneys since early 2011.  Literally hundreds of local attorneys in all probability possess a copy.  It is not plausible that no one at the Wisconsin State Journal would have a copy.  Dee Hall has explicitly been told that it exists.  For whatever reason, the Wisconsin State Journal has yet to inform the public to what the report contains.  However, they have reported the following.

Attachment #6 and Attachment #7 are the Wisconsin State Journal’s articles about Detective Markham for August 20, 2010 and February 4, 2011.  If one merely compares both of these articles to the prior attachments, one will see that the Wisconsin State Journal egregiously misinformed the public on what’s what.

In the August 20, 2010 article, then-assistant City of Madison attorney, Roger Allen, was quoted as saying in a letter to the Wisconsin State Journal that the police department, “…is currently conducting an investigation into complex allegations of non-criminal misconduct.”

Atty. Allen’s assertion is proven otherwise by what was provided in the piece prior.  There are only two possibilities:  He knowingly made a false assertion to the Wisconsin State Journal or the Wisconsin State Journal made up a falsified quote for the article.  The evidence that there was a ‘meeting of the minds’ is that neither appears to have complained and pointed out the other’s possible falsification.

In whose interest was Attorney Allen’s quote?  Clearly, not the public.  As will be shown, Allen’s career was definitely not impeded.

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