The Wisconsin State Journal and the October 20th, 2011, Homicide at 802 Vera Court

There has been much public concern about violent street crime in Madison.  It is a topic at times touched upon in the print media, more touched upon in the talk media, and even more touched upon in Madison taverns.

Attachment #8 is an October 17, 2011 court filing.  It was asserted that a criminal clique headed by Ashton Davis and Darell Fowler, used 802 Vera Court in Madison as a safe-house to stash their guns and the fruits of their crimes.  Also alleged was that this same criminal clique had committed an armed robbery on February 4, 2011 at 1818 Fordem Avenue.  Further alleged was that Madison Detective Thomas Helgren had systematically obscured the criminality of both Davis and Fowler.

The filing was addressed in open court on October 19th, with Wisconsin State Journal reporter Ed Trevelen in attendance.  The very next day a homicide connected to 802 Vera Court took place, as shown in Attachment #9, the Wisconsin State Journal article of October 21st, written by Ed. Trevelen.  This article made no mention of the court filing of October 17th and what took place in court on October 19th.

The six individuals charged with the murder connected to 802 Vera Court are all members of the criminal clique headed by Davis and Fowler.  Two are Fowler’s first cousins.  The question begs, why was ‘mum’s the word’ to the Wisconsin State Journal?

The 802 Vera Court homicide case was assigned to Judge Roger Allen.

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