Who Cares About Detective Markham’s Corruption?

In March of 2011, Attorney Joseph Sommers, on the Mitch Henck show “Outside the Box” informed listeners what was contained in the report on Detective Markham, and that he had obtained a written statement from an individual who claimed he had assisted Det. Markham on multiple occasions with the planting of evidence.  This individual claimed that he colluded with Det. Markham because she then gave him a pass on his own criminality, and because individuals targeted were street rivals.

One would think that the media would have been interested.  One would think wrong.  There has been no indication of interest by the Dane County District Attorney’s Office, the Wisconsin Attorney General’s Office, or the U.S. Attorney’s Office.  Needless to say, after the two days that Atty. Sommers appeared on the Mitch Henck show in March of 2011, he has never appeared again.

There are those, especially in the Madison and the Wisconsin establishment, who would be indignant at any suggestion that pressure could be placed on Mitch Henck and his radio station, WIBA.  Some may insist that these things cannot happen in Wisconsin; and if they do, the media can be trusted to alert the public to what has taken place.

As will be set out later in this document, that unfortunately is not the case.

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