Raisbeck, Judge Paul Higginbotham and Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson

As was laid out in a prior piece (see piece related to Lester Pines), Judge Higginbotham, after being appointed by Gov. Doyle to the Court of Appeals, sought and obtained an order from the Wisconsin Supreme Court, permitting him to revisit the Raisbeck case.  After obtaining the order, Higginbotham revised his findings that ADA Humphrey committed prosecutorial misconduct by fabricating to the court on the status of evidence.  Higginbotham now claimed that Humphrey had made no fabrications.  Higginbotham further claimed that no prior findings had been made to that effect.

Ten days after Judge Higginbotham’s order, what had taken place was spelled out in a letter dated September 29, 2003.  Atty. Sommers provided this letter to both Gov. James Doyle and Wisconsin Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson.  This letter spelled out the dishonest actions of Judge Higginbotham and their context.  The letter spelled out how the Dane County courts were permitting the DA’s Office to utilize false testimony and expert analysis from Robert Krenz.

This letter (Attachment #53) spelled out how the misconduct involved Dane County DA Brian Blanchard and Dane County DDA Judy Schwaemle.  The letter also spelled out how the governor and chief justice could and should act, pursuant to statute.  Neither Gov. Doyle, nor Chief Justice Abrahamson acted upon this letter and the accompanying documentation.

The Wisconsin State Journal has kept the above facts from the public.  These facts go a long ways in explaining the Wisconsin Supreme Court and Justice Abrahamson’s vested interest in discrediting Atty. Sommers.

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