The Background to Justice Crooks’ Son’s Role in Raisbeck

In Raisbeck the Dane County DA’s Office’s retained Robert Krenz as a traffic accident reconstruction expert.  Krenz would be forced to concede under oath that he had told the prosecutor, ADA Paul Humphrey, at the commencement of the case that the photographic evidence itself proved that the state’s case was scientifically invalid, to a reasonable certainty.  A deputy sheriff testified under oath that he had removed the subpoenaed photographic evidence at the prosecutor’s direction, and brought it to Krenz’s office where it was left.  The deputy also testified under oath that the prosecutor’s representations in court that neither he nor the prosecutor knew the whereabouts of the subpoenaed photographic evidence were false.

On behalf of the Dane County DA’s Office, Krenz testified to an expert summary submitted by the Dane County DA’s Office in his name, and to the truth of what was emphasized in this expert summary.

However, Krenz would later be forced to concede under oath that the expert summary submitted in his name was not accurate, and that he could not have truthfully testified to its emphasized contents.  Krenz further conceded under oath that the emphasized contents were proven false by specific photographic evidence.  This specific photographic evidence Krenz referenced was part of the subpoenaed photographic evidence that the prosecutor had removed from a deputy’s locker and taken to Krenz’s office so that it could not be produced in court.

If anyone is puzzled to how Krenz escaped prosecution, they should consider who would be Krenz’s attorney — Michael Crooks, the son of Supreme Court Justice Patrick Crooks.

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