Lic Squad/MAD (Mad About Dollars): Madison’s Most Dangerous Criminal Clique

Attachment #57 is a collection of photos of roughly 1/4th of the very dangerous criminal clique in Madison, WI now known as MAD, previously known as the Lic Squad.  The new name morphed from the old name and this occurred in part to take advantage of the police and the Dane County DA’s Office covering up for the clique’s leadership’s criminality.

This clique has committed numerous armed robberies in the Madison area.  Very likely the number is beyond fifty.  They often pick victims whom they believe are unlikely to report their crimes.  They have considered it to be very advantageous that the word on the street is, “You best not tell on these guys.  Not only may it go nowhere with the police, but you’ll find yourself in danger as well.”  This criminal clique is responsible for two homicides that occurred last fall in Madison.

As will be set out later, Madison police were in position to seriously wound and perhaps even completely remove this clique from the streets in Winter/Spring of 2011.  This never occurred.  Instead Madison police and the Dane County DA’s Office went on a sustained effort to withhold evidence and to falsify both evidence and information in order to specifically protect the leadership of this criminal clique.  This effort would continue through an evidentiary hearing on March 26, 2012.  This protection would go so far as to having a Madison detective commit blatant perjury.

The Madison police and the Dane County DA’s Office’s protection of the clique’s leadership has been assisted, in a certain sense, by both the Dane County courts and the Wisconsin Public Defender- an assistance that has escalated.

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