The Murder of Michael Keith

According to police, on September 14, 2011, in an 1818 Fordem Avenue apartment in Madison, members of Lic Squad/MAD met up.  One was Shon Hamilton (who would later be one of the six Lic Squad/MAD members charged with the 802 Vera Court homicide).  Two of the others at the meeting were Zachary Mays and Anthony Williams, both of whom had been identified and captured in surveillance photos shortly after the armed robbery that had taken place at that very building on February 4, 2011.  Both of these men are in the aforementioned photo that includes Ashton Davis and others flashing gang signs.

According to police, the long and short of this meeting was a planned robbery of a Michael Keith.  On September 15, 2011, the plan went into effect with a few unanticipated results.  Keith and another man were shot and Keith was shot again and murdered execution-style by Zachary Mays.  This robbery/murder took place just down the street from 1818 Fordem Avenue, outside of 1718 Fordem Avenue.

Anthony Williams was eventually arrested and charged with first degree intentional homicide.  Williams requested that Atty. Joseph Sommers represent him.  Williams also wanted to come forward to reveal what had taken place on a homicide, crimes committed by Lic Squad/MAD, and to Williams’ first-hand knowledge and observations regarding police corruption.  At all costs the Dane County courts and the Dane County DA’s Office (with the Wisconsin State Public Defender’s assistance) could not permit this to happen.

There was an effort to prevent Atty. Sommers from handling the March 26, 2012 evidentiary hearing.  After this was unsuccessful, the Wisconsin Supreme Court set things in motion so that Atty. Sommers would be prevented from having the truth and justice pursued.

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