The Protection of Michael D. Evans #1

Michael D. Evans is an incorrigible criminal who is not in prison despite recently committing numerous serious crimes and having a substantial criminal record.  Why is he not in prison?  One reason is that he has only been charged and convicted with one of the many recent crimes to which there is substantial evidence of his guilt.  In fact, Evans has even admitted to participating in two serious recent crimes for which he was never charged.  Evans was literally caught in possession of the fruits of numerous crimes for which he was never charged.  Why has Evans escaped prosecution for so many crimes?

If Evans is to be believed, as he claimed in a recorded statement, the reason is that Evans’ woman’s mother is a wealthy and powerful individual.  Is this the reason?  Whatever the reason, the overwhelming evidence is that Evans is indeed protected by elements within the Sun Prairie Police Department and the Dane County DA’s Office.

This protection extends to falsified information being provided to the courts.  It also extends to a Sun Prairie Detective, Randall Sharpe, testifying falsely on Evans’ behalf on a number of matters, including falsely testifying that an alibi for Evans had been confirmed for a serious crime when in fact the opposite was true.

The only recent crime for which Evans was charged and convicted was his strong-armed robbery of the Check Advance in Sun Prairie, WI on March 13, 2010.  Evans initially denied committing the crime, but reversed himself in face of the overwhelming evidence which included his DNA.

On October 28, 2011 Michael D. Evans was sentenced by Dane County Judge Sarah O’Brien.  Evans was not sentenced to prison, but was rather placed on probation with a condition being one year in the Dane County Jail with work release privileges.  The light sentence appears to be related to the Dane County DA’s Office representing that Michael D. Evans had never been arrested subsequent to his arrest for the March 13, 2010 strong-armed robbery.  This blatantly false representation was referenced by Judge O’Brien when pronouncing sentence.  The State did not correct her misunderstanding, but when it comes to the protection of Michael D. Evans, it is but the tip of the iceberg.

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