Why did Dane County ADA Robert Kaiser Blatantly Cheat for the Benefit of Two Possible Hitmen? -Context

What is relayed in this piece is common knowledge to many in Dane County, especially the legal community.  However, due to the disturbing and scandalous nature, many are paralyzed from coming forward.  One disturbing effect of this matter is that it discourages those who may be inclined to expose serious prosecutorial misconduct and corruption from coming forward.  Knowing what Dane County ADA Robert Kaiser blatantly got away with sends the message, ‘if they can get away with that, there is nothing they can’t get away with.’

Before we get to the facts, it should be realized that Det. Thomas Helgren and Det. Denise Markham each played a role in this matter.  Also the prosecutor in this matter, Dane County ADA Robert Kaiser, is also the current prosecutor of Anthony Williams.

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