What Matters to the State Public Defender #5

The other reason I’ve been decertified is due to my representation of Williams.  Deb Smith has all kinds of problems with it.  However, her attitude is most inexplicable given that Atty. Benavides was appointed by the SPD in the context that was outlined earlier in this document.

What kind of logic could justify, on Williams’ behalf, Atty. Benavides being appointed, despite the Villarreal scenario, his blatant conflict of interest, and his failure yet again to follow Supreme Court Rules on potential conflicts of interest?

It apparently means nothing to Deb Smith that Williams wanted me to be his attorney, affirmed this in court and signed off on a document acknowledging what was discussed between he and I and what were the expectations related to the representation.

In fact, Deb Smith’s number one complaint related to Williams appears to be completely unrelated to any concern to protect Williams’ rights; but rather, to protect the Dane County DA’s Office.  Smith wants me to divulge information that she believes I have been provided by Williams on crimes and corruption in Dane County, despite me providing everything Williams has authorized me to provide.  In other words, Deb Smith’s ultimatum has been, ‘violate the Supreme Court Rules and betray your ethical obligations to Williams, or be decertified by the SPD.’

Likewise disturbing is Deb Smith’s lack of concern, in light of the October 20th 802 Vera Court homicide, that her ultimatum to Sommers could result in Williams or even Sommers being killed.  She wanted Sommers to reveal to an attorney of a member of  Lic Squad/MAD information about crimes committed by Lic Squad/MAD even though this attorney’s client recently killed someone for the protection of Lic Squad/MAD.

Due to the Wisconsin Supreme Court’s recent decision, this is and is not academic.  There are literally thousands and thousands of dollars that I am owed for work I have done on SPD appointments for which I have not yet been paid.  Unfortunately, Deb Smith is setting it up so that I will not be paid.  Unfortunately, despite having a large family to support, the odds are there will be very little I will be able to do about it.

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