Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Why hasn’t this or that specific media person/reporter/investigator been informed?

A: With very few exceptions, almost every reporter, investigator, and media outlet in Wisconsin (and several nation-wide) has already been alerted to some or all of this website’s content at some time.  As to why these media outlets have failed to alert the public, it is encouraged that individuals contact them directly.  It would be most interesting to be informed what their reasons are for their lack of action.  A few responses from media sources have been most interesting and unfortunately, most shameless.

Q:  Where are the government authorities?  Where is their action?

A:  The authorities have been alerted.  Their response, or lack of response, has been and continues to be most disturbing.  The overwhelming evidence is that they do not want to acknowledge what is going on, let alone do the responsible thing.  This applies to the U.S. Attorney General’s Office, the Wisconsin Attorney General’s Office, and the Wisconsin Supreme Court.  In addition, there have been meetings with other elected officials at both the county and state level.  Here too, individuals are encouraged to contact them directly and to inform us of their responses.

Q:  Is it your claim that a massive conspiracy is taking place?

A:  No.  What is taking place is more of a mind frame, and many of those who are not directly involved still feel the need to assist in keeping the lid on.  A good analogy would be what was occurring in the covering up of the Penn State scandal.  There are a relatively small number of people who are actually the designers of the deceit, but there are a great many people who for the sake of their jobs do not question their superiors and ‘go with the flow’, afraid to make waves in their workplace or other spheres of influence.

Q:  Who are the bad guys?  The Republicans or the Democrats?

A:  Not to offend, but this question misses the point.  This matter is entirely about evil and corruption.  It transcends any partisan perspective.  By definition, it affects liberal Democrats more than Republicans because it relates to evil and corruption stemming from their own backyard – Madison; and many of them will therefore feel a greater stake in keeping the lid on.  However, there are those from the other side of the aisle, both in office and in the media, who due to the ‘insider’ culture and the career ethos, are very determined as well to help keep the lid on.  What is urged the most is that people of the Democratic persuasion confront Democrats on why they are silent, and likewise for Republicans and independents.