The MacIver Institute, a conservative free-market think-tank based in Madison, attended the March 26, 2012 evidentiary hearing in which two Madison Police Detectives talked circles around themselves under oath.  They essentially admitted to not responsibly following up on suspects of a home invasion that later went on to commit a homicide.  The MacIver Institute reported that this was because the police were overworked at the time due to the Capital protests.

However, the MacIver reporting does a major disservice to the public. They neatly edited their coverage to keep from the public what the detective testified to immediately following their clip. The detective discredited his own excuse. For those interested, here is a synopsis of his testimony.

Why is the MacIver Institute willing to reduce a story about terrifying corruption and the public safety being endangered to a petty, partisan point? This speaks volumes to what is wrong with the Wisconsin political scene. When will the MacIver Institute and others really care about what really matters?

The MacIver Institute’s video can be viewed here.