Powerful evidence suggests dangerous criminals are protected by elements of Dane County law enforcement and the Dane County District Attorney’s Office. Why else would they utilize perjury, withhold evidence, and engage in other blatant misconduct that benefits dangerous criminals and allows these criminals to stay on the streets? This is only the tip of the iceberg – it’s too scary.

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Corruption Report – Attachments - CLICK HERE – Printable Version

This website outlines serious corruption that reaches the Wisconsin Supreme Court and provides substantiating documentation.

Four critical aspects of this corruption are:

  1. Fraudulent prosecutions (utilizing criminal conduct) that appear to be done as favors so that well-connected insiders can profit in the civil realm from the fraudulent criminal convictions.
  2. Police, prosecutorial and judicial protection of incorrigible violent criminals on matters that even involve homicide, and the apparent framing of others for the benefit of those protected.
  3. The Wisconsin Supreme Court’s protection of the above via their self-proclaimed in-house law firm, the Office of Lawyer Regulation, engaging in serious misconduct (including criminal); and through exploiting serious and blatant conflicts of interest.
  4. The Wisconsin media, and in particular the Wisconsin State Journal’s, protection of the above via the withholding of facts and the use of falsified facts to mislead the public.

Highlight Video

This video highlights the oral arguments of Joe Sommers before the Wisconsin Supreme Court in 2010 in response to the Office of Lawyer Regulations' attempts to discredit him by seeking his suspension. This video shows very clearly that the OLR's arguments are either entirely erroneous or irrelevant.

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