Who Has Benefited From Humphrey’s Questionable Traffic Criminal Prosecutions?

There is substantial evidence that at least three traffic accident prosecutions handled by Dane County ADA Paul Humphrey were fraudulent.  It is important to realize that in none of these prosecutions was it alleged that the driver was under the influence of illicit drugs or alcohol; which is exactly why a criminal conviction would be very relevant in the civil realm.

Two of these three cases resulted in convictions.  The one that did not was the Raisbeck matter.  In the Raisbeck matter, Dee Hall and the Wisconsin State Journal have adamantly refused to inform the public that the civil law firm that stood to gain the most by Raisbeck being convicted was Hausmann-McNally.  The senior partner of this firm, Charles J. Hausmann, was convicted federally for fixing SSI cases shortly before the Raisbeck prosecution was undertaken by the DA’s Office and ADA Paul Humphrey.  The incredibly lenient treatment of Atty. Hausmann would have been a scandal to the public, if widely known.

What would also be scandalous to the public would be to know what was spelled out to the Wisconsin Supreme Court on January 4, 2007, as follows:

…Is it also legitimate to be disturbed by the criminalization of a traffic accident over twenty months after the fact in State v. Watson, Dane County Case No. 04 CF 876?  In that matter the defendant was an elderly African-American woman with no criminal record, and there was no indication that she was driving under the influence.  There was no loss of life, nor any permanent injury.  Why did the Dane County District Attorney’s Office and ADA Paul Humphrey decide that this accident needed, so long after the fact, to become a crime?  Was this due to civil negotiations stalling?  Was this due to the civil attorney representing the victim being Democratic Assemblyman Gary Hebl?

(As the Supreme Court was informed in a footnote, the source for the above was none other than Gary Hebl’s client).

Sworn testimony has taken place on the Watson prosecution, and ADA Humphrey’s own testimony to what caused the accident in fact invalidates the prosecution.  What about ADA Humphrey’s sworn testimony regarding the civil attorney who stood to benefit from Watson’s conviction- then Democratic assemblyman and now Democratic State Senator, Gary Hebl?  Attachment #21 is Humphrey’s testimony that speaks for itself.

Dee Hall was present during Humphrey’s testimony.  She and her paper have never felt an obligation to inform the public.

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