What Matters to the State Public Defender #3

Kelli Thompson is the daughter of former Governor Tommy Thompson.  She was appointed by Governor Walker to be the director of the State Public Defender.  From all indications, she has bipartisan popularity.  She decertified me in the aforementioned letter dated March 21, 2011.  Before taking her action, she never spoke with me, and apparently solely relied upon the request and report of Deb Smith of the Dane County SPD office.  Oddly enough, Thompson informed me that I would be decertified before the SPD’s investigation, which is to be conducted by Deb Smith.

It is difficult to understand Thompson’s notion of fairness.  What kind of a person punishes someone before they investigate, and then who assigns the investigation to the accuser?  But then again, my hunch is that Ms. Thompson has no knowledge of what I achieved on SPD cases in the past year, and likewise, has little or no knowledge to the context of Deb Smith’s actions.

Before we get to my recent decertification by the SPD, it is extremely important to recall Deb Smith’s involvement in the McCants prosecution for the Dane County DA’s Office’s benefit. (See the piece on McCants).


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