Other Media and the Reporting on Humphrey and Raisbeck

One disturbing reality of Dane County is the willingness of the local media to be used to print or broadcast falsified facts.  Unfortunately, this is a frequent occurrence.

One glaring example occurred in Raisbeck.  On March 9, 2005, roughly a month before the trial, Channel 27 did a news feature on the Raisbeck case.  The feature was purportedly about the controversy surrounding the Raisbeck prosecution.  The feature ended with the assertion that the case and testimony against Raisbeck was that he was driving over 100 mph at the time of the accident.  This assertion was egregiously false because at that time (and at the trial shortly thereafter), the DA’s Office claimed that the fastest Raisbeck was driving at the time of the accident was 76 mph – obviously, a mighty big difference!!!

Channel 27 did a retraction on their website.  However, they refused to do a retraction on the air.  To this day, Atty. Sommers is asked, ‘how did you win the trial if the kid was going 100 mph?’

Attachment #85 is a piece in which Atty. Sommers has readily acknowledged assisting, in an effort to combat Channel 27’s broadcast.  The Wisconsin Supreme Court considers this to be alarming, and apparently in violation of the Supreme Court Rules.  In contrast, they and their in-house law firm have had no interest in attempting to discover who planted the falsified facts.  And this is despite the evidence being that the jury pool was tainted by Channel 27’s story and unaware of any efforts on Raisbeck’s behalf.

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