Who Concedes the Evidence of Krenz’s False Testimony?

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to conclude that there is strong evidence that Krenz testified falsely on at least one date under oath.  Witnesses who have conceded the obvious under oath are as follows:

First there is Judge Paul Higginbotham, who went from being the presiding judge on Raisbeck to being appointed by Gov. Doyle to the Court of Appeals.  Judge Higginbotham initially was going to address the issue of whether Krenz had committed perjury.  However, he was persuaded otherwise by the DA’s Office at the very time he decided to seek an appointment to the Court of Appeals.

Under oath, Judge Higginbotham has conceded that Krenz’s sworn affidavit contradicts his sworn testimony, and that probably there is no reasonable conclusion that both statements could be true.  Judge Higginbotham acknowledged there seems to be a prima facie case that one testified statement must be false. (See Attachment #33)

Second, Judge Robert Pekowsky succeeded Judge Higginbotham on Raisbeck.  While the judge in Raisbeck, Judge Pekowsky refused to address the issue of whether the Dane County DA’s Office suborned perjury and falsified expert analysis.  He took strong exception with Atty. Sommers for insisting that he had an obligation to do so in order to protect Raisbeck’s constitutional right to due process.  Judge Pekowsky made statements on the record highly critical of Sommers’ efforts, and strongly inferred they were slanderous.

Under oath, Judge Pekowsky has conceded that Krenz’s contradictory testimony suggests that there is a prima facie case that Krenz committed the crime of false swearing, and that someone is obligated to look into it. (See Attachment #34)

Third, OLR Director Keith Sellen of the Wisconsin Supreme Court’s self-proclaimed in-house law firm oversaw the investigation of misconduct related to the Raisbeck matter.  He conceded under oath that Krenz’s contradictory testimony on different dates makes it very likely that Krenz testified falsely on one of the dates. (See Attachment #35)

Fourth, Atty. Margery Mebane Tibbetts was the attorney that Sellen appointed to investigate whether Dane County ADA Humphrey has suborned perjury from Robert Krenz.  She conceded under oath that Krenz’s testimony on two dates was “inconsistent” with a direct contradiction in the concepts to which Krenz was testifying. (See Attachment #36)

Did OLR investigate whether Humphrey suborned perjury from Krenz?  As you shall see, OLR’s answer has been “yes” and then “no.”

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