Preventing Anthony Williams From Coming Forward #2

Williams later wrote a hand-written document dated December 5, 2011 (Attachment #70) where Williams asserted again that he is willing to give a complete statement to all crimes that Williams was aware of, including the February 4, 2011 home invasion at 1818 Fordem Avenue.

Williams asserted that Ashton Davis organized and participated in this crime.  Williams also asserted that he had spoken about this crime with Madison detectives.

The above was significant because for some period of time Madison detectives and the Dane County DA’s Office, in their efforts to prevent testimony and the production of evidence, were claiming that Williams had never spoken to them in regards to the 1818 Fordem Avenue home invasion; and that there was no evidence in existence connecting Williams to that crime.

On December 9, 2011, Dane County Judge Sarah O’Brien, at the Dane County DA’s Office’s behest, removed Sommers as Williams’ attorney.  On that day, Judge O’Brien refused to permit any testimony to whether the DA’s Office was seeking to have Atty. Sommers removed in order to protect their own misconduct and corruption from being exposed.  This was despite Judge O’Brien’s legal obligation to explore the reasons behind the DA’s Office’s effort to remove Atty. Sommers.

On that day, Judge O’Brien was uninterested in comparing police reports in relation to assertions of ADA Robert Kaiser, who was falsely claiming that there was no evidence outside of Williams’ say-so connecting Williams to the February 4, 2011 home invasion.  Judge O’Brien was told that Kaiser’s assertion was blatantly false, and could be easily proven as such; however Judge O’Brien was completely uninterested.

Judge O’Brien scoffed at the idea that if Atty. Sommers was removed, Williams would never be given an opportunity to provide his information on crimes and corruption.

Williams has never had the opportunity.  Williams recently wrote Atty. Sommers and pled with Sommers to try to be reinstated as Williams’ attorney.  The attorney that Williams was appointed after Atty. Sommers was Ron Benavides.  As will be shown later, this was despite Atty. Benavides having an extreme and blatant conflict of interest.

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