The Disturbing Either/Or Presented Relating to the Brittany Zimmermann Homicide

Darell Fowler and Ashton Davis, by any reasonable analysis, should have come up as possible suspects and/or persons of interest in the homicide of Brittany Zimmermann. This unsolved homicide took place in the student residence area of Madison on April 2, 2008.  By any reasonable analysis, there should be police reports related to these individuals and that homicide.

If there are police reports relating to that homicide and these individuals, pursuant to repeated court orders, these reports should have surfaced.  They have not.  There is extremely good reason, as set out below, to believe that something disturbing is taking place, that can only logically be explained as either:  1) a mind-boggling minimalistic investigation, such as Det. Messer’s testimony indicates for the February 4th home invasion, or as Det. Helgren’s testimony indicates for the February 19th home invasion; or 2) something ever more disturbing.

Attachment #72 is the Wisconsin State Journal article of December 13, 2010.  The article quotes then-assistant City of Madison attorney Roger Allen on a possible connection between Zimmermann’s murder of April 2, 2008 and the July 9, 2008 break-in at the Blue Moon Bar and Grill.  According to the article, the Wisconsin State Journal’s review of hundreds of pages of police and court records suggest that an unknown accomplice in the Blue Moon burglary may have been at the Zimmermann homicide.  The article puts forth that three Madison teenagers with gang associations connected with the Blue Moon investigation were a Spencer Hutchins, Darrielle Banks, and a Ryan Cook.  All three had admitted to multiple burglaries.  Hutchins, according to the article, was offered consideration if he was willing to testify on other matters, but he is not because it would put his life in danger.

There is another burglary for which Hutchins, Cooks and a third young man with gang connections was charged, i.e. Dane County Case Nos. 2009 CF 988-990.  This young man is Antjuan Redmond.  He is an associate of both Fowler and Davis.  It is difficult to believe that an investigation into Zimmermann’s homicide would not produce information to this effect, and to the names Fowler and Davis.

Those who blindly trust our police, our DA’s Office, and our courts, and find it unthinkable that games could be played in Dane County on homicide investigations, prosecutions, and convictions, should avoid reading the next section.

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