The Protection of Ashton Davis #1

If Fowler is the planner and organizer of the criminal clique, Ashton Davis is the clique’s man of action on the street.  Davis is the man to the far left in the aforementioned group photo.  Davis, as set out later, led and participated in a home invasion of 1818 Fordem Avenue in Madison on February 4, 2011.  Immediately following the crime, Davis fled to Des Moines, Iowa going by the peculiar route from Madison to Milwaukee to Chicago to Des Moines.

Davis is as protected as Fowler, if not more so.  In regards to his whereabouts following the February 4, 2011 home invasion, Madison police inexplicably delayed in obtaining evidence to his whereabouts and systematically went out of their way to insure that all police reports in regards to this robbery and another armed robbery were sanitized of the name “Ashton Davis”.  And when Madison police finally gathered evidence relating to Davis’ flight from Madison, police seriously mischaracterized the evidence to Davis’ benefit.  The evidence was in fact exactly the opposite of the police characterization.

Madison Detective Tom Helgren and Dane County Assistant District Attorney Corey Stephan represented to the court that:  (1) all police reports related to Ashton Davis had been turned over, and (2) Davis should not be a suspect because he was residing in Des Moines, Iowa.  However, both representations which were made repeatedly were false.  (Incidentally, the police and the DA’s Office took the bizarre attitude that if someone lived in Des Moines they could not possibly be committing crimes in Madison).  In fact, the police and the DA’s Office specifically withheld a police report that showed that during the time they claimed Davis was residing in Iowa, Davis had been in Madison and had been claiming a local residence as his address.

The court’s attitude toward the falsifications can best be characterized as impossible to characterize.  While the court notes its concern, the court appears paralyzed to do anything.

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