Justice Crooks’ Blatant and Serious Conflict of Interest

Attorney Michael Crooks is the son of Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Patrick Crooks.  Michael Crooks has personally represented current Wisconsin Attorney General, J.B. Van Hollen.  Michael Crooks is also a pivotal player in the Wisconsin Supreme Court’s in-house law firm, OLR’s proceedings related to the Raisbeck matter.  Crooks’ involvement relates to his representation of a traffic accident reconstruction expert, Robert Krenz.  Krenz primarily makes his living as an expert witness in court cases, and has frequently been utilized by Dane County ADA Paul Humphrey.

In Raisbeck, as outlined in Section III and in the substantiating attachments, there is powerful evidence that Krenz testified falsely on behalf of Humphrey and the Dane County DA’s Office.  Witnesses conceding evidence to this effect under oath include multiple judges and OLR Director Keith Sellen.

For present purposes, Atty. Sommers informed the public on the Mitch Henck show “Outside the Box” to what Judge Pekowsky testified to regarding Krenz.  This led to Atty. Crooks writing a letter to Atty. Sommers dated September 19, 2008. (Attachment #15)  A review of this letter will show that Crooks threatened Sommers with criminal, civil, and OLR actions.

Crooks also wrote a letter dated October 1, 2008 to the general manager and program director of Clear Channel Communications that broadcasts the “Outside the Box” radio program. (Attachment #16)  Crooks’ letter asserts that the prior Sommers letter was attached, and that the program is risking a slander suit if they “continue to air Mr. Sommers’ untrue and defamatory remarks.”

Both of the aforementioned letters were provided contemporaneously to both the Wisconsin Supreme Court and to Wisconsin State Journal reporter Dee Hall.  This is the situation that Chief Justice Abrahamson is referencing in her aforementioned footnote.  Can anyone dispute that her footnote does not begin to do justice to what was actually involved?

The following is Dee Hall’s and the Wisconsin State Journal’s handling of the Crooks’ conflict in their reporting of March 30/31, 2012.

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