The Wisconsin Supreme Court’s Effort to Obscure Their Conflict of Interest

The Office of Lawyer Regulation (OLR) is the self-proclaimed in-house law firm of the Wisconsin Supreme Court.  OLR has been given tremendous power and discretion by the Supreme Court.  OLR has been seeped in the abuse of power and corruption for a long time.  The overwhelming evidence suggests that OLR’s misconduct is due to enforcing the whims and desires of the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

On the matter of whether the Dane County DA’s Office engaged in a criminal conspiracy, utilizing a fraudulent prosecution in Raisbeck, as will be outlined with substantiating documentation in Section III, OLR protected and obscured the prosecutor’s most egregious misconduct, including criminal.  Conversely, OLR falsely accused the defense attorney in Raisbeck, Joseph Sommers.  The Supreme Court was provided with forty plus instances where OLR staff attorney Julie Scott-Falk falsified facts in order to accuse Atty. Sommers.

One significant falsification was OLR attorney Julie Scott-Falk quoting a detective’s report as, “We served him (McCoy) with a subpoena”; when in actuality the report stated “McCoy was informed that he may receive a subpoena for a later time as a witness.”  (See Attachment #12 and Attachment #13)

One does not need to know the particulars of Raisbeck to see that the above misquoting could not have been accidental and was egregious.  In fact, this particular falsification served as the basis of the allegation against Atty. Sommers in Count 1 of OLR’s Supreme Court sanctioned complaint.  While Sommers would eventually be cleared on this count, this would only be after his reputation and his finances were devastated – which the evidence suggests is exactly what OLR and their bosses, the Wisconsin Supreme Court, wanted.

If anyone doubts that this could be, two facts should be considered:  1) Go to Chief Justice Abrahamson’s March 30, 2012 decision and see if the above was treated in an honest fashion.  And 2) When it came to Atty. Scott-Falk’s falsifications, the Wisconsin Supreme Court did act.  It entered an order that stayed any investigation of OLR misconduct related to the Raisbeck matter.  There was no legal basis for this ruling, the entire court went along with this ruling, and the stay is still in effect, and has been so for literally over five years.

Dee Hall and the Wisconsin State Journal have been aware of this.  They have yet to inform the public.

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